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Tortelloni Two Ways

Served with Nonna's salsa or infused butter.

This week, Nonna and I tucked into handmade mushroom tortellini by La Tua Pasta, stocked proudly in our pantry. We were really careful when deciding which fresh pasta to stock, as good pasta sits so close oy our hearts. We firmly believe La Tua are the top of the range. It's handmade, not too far from us, and their produce is second to none.

We dressed the pasta with Nonna's homemade salsa (scroll down for the recipe) and rosemary infused butter, topping both with our Parmesan cheese & crushed black pepper. A simple fix, made in 10 minutes, and so delicious!

To speed up the process, you could use our freshly made sage or lemon butter, or our pots of homemade pasta sauces which are, again, available to buy in our Pantry.


Nonna's Salsa

Nonna takes great joy in growing her own tomatoes and using them in her recipes. This is her most common use for her tomatoes; her deliciously rich salsa.


You'll need..

  • Half an onion, diced

  • A generous slug of extra virgin olive oil*

  • 2 fresh chilli peppers (more or less to taste)

  • 1 kilogram fresh tomatoes*

  • Salt & pepper to taste

  • A couple of bay leaves

  • A handful of fresh basil

  • Parmesan cheese* to taste

We recommend you serve the salsa with our La Tua's fresh pasta*.

*Ingredients that are found in our pantry


Before making, we'd recommend watching our Instagram reel, so you can see exactly how we make it.

  1. Begin by frying off the onion in the olive oil.

  2. Once blond, add the sliced chilli, leaving the seeds in if you'd like an extra kick.

  3. Chop the tomatoes into small shanks, removing the hard centre, and add this to the pan.

  4. Next add the salt, pepper, basil and bay leaf.

  5. As the tomatoes begin to soften, mash the mix up using a potato masher to create a passata-like texture.

  6. Leave to simmer for 30-40 minutes.

If serving with La Tua's fresh pasta (as per our recommendation), cook the pasta according to the instructions on the packet, before tossing it into the hot salsa for a couple of minutes, allowing the pasta to absorb some of the flavours of the sauce.

Buon Appetito!


La Tua's Fresh Tortelloni, Served With Rosemary or Sage Butter

This recipe is so simple, you won't even need instructions.

Simply melt some butter over a low heat, and add fresh rosemary. Once the butter begins to simmer, add the cooked tortelloni and allow it to simmer for another minute before taking off the heat. Enjoy with some grated parmesan, salt & pepper.

To simplify this even further, you could use some of our fresh sage butter, sold in our pantry.




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